Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amelia's First Halloween

I'm already tired of dressing my daughter in pink and she's only four months old! So for her first Halloween I have decided to dress her as a Hippie and not a cute little winged bug or some fluffy animal (no offense to those that are or have).  To make sure no one says "What a cute little boy" I made her a giant bow for her head. Of course, my husband pointed out that it's blue and that it could be a bow tie instead of a headband.  But I don't think hippies wore big giant clown-like bow ties?

How I made this costume

1.     tie-dyed a long sleeve onsie and decorated it with glitter puffy paint

2.    sewed the faux leather vest from a pattern I found here and modified it to my liking, added two non-functional buttons, and "earthy" pins for decoration

3.  decorated a pair of thrift store jeans, added patches, and frayed the cuffs 

4.  boys size 1 plain white tennis shoes painted with acrylic paints, glitter puffy paint, sequins, and rhinestones and little peace sign charms (to be honest, these shoes started out really cute before I put the puffy paint on them. After that, I decided they would be part of her Halloween costume.)

5.  made giant bow and stuffed for fullness

6. And because Amelia is starting to teeth now, she is a drool bucket and basically requires a bib all of the time... so to keep with the hippie theme, she has her very own matching reversible peace bib!

Here she is trying on the bow!!

Tomorrow night is Halloween... so we will have to wait to see Amelia in her first Halloween costume! 
I can't wait! 

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