Monday, October 31, 2011

Day of the Dead - Halloween 2011

My husband, Jerry, and I went to an amazing Halloween party at a friend's house on Oct 22. Like always, I was the only one not dressed in a sexy costume. How is it that Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz morphed from an adorable young girl into a hooker-like tramp? It actually really saddens me that costumes have taken a turn to the raunchy.

For the past few years, I have really put a lot of thought and time into my costumes, but having a baby has taken up most of my existence leaving me little time for endless hours of sewing. So this year, I had to break down and buy a dress and just embellish it. I hoping to get a head start on next year's costume say, around July in order to have it completed by October.

I don't think that most people at the party knew what I was supposed to be. But that's okay. I just feel good knowing I stood out not because my boobs were peaking over a low cut Snow White mini dress but because I was completely covered up and my face was painted ghoulishly!

So without further ado, here is my costume.

My Hat with artificial flowers and feathers
Made a corsage from the same flowers
My necklace is actually a Christmas ornament
And my favorite part... my super discounted leopard print ballerina shoes with a big red bow from Payless!

I used the crinoline from my wedding dress to make this dress "poofy"

The bows are made from ribbon from the floral arrangements from our wedding!

(add pic)

Here I am wearing the final ensemble

I forgot how hard it is to use face paint! 

Here's Jerry and I heading out the door! 

Pics from the party

Don't know these people, but they were Lucy and Charlie Brown...So cute!

Olivia and Shane aka Navy and Army

Chester and Amy (she's pregnant!) 

Some candid shots by Chetty 

These are some baby pumpkins I picked up at Strawberry Hill  in Chesnee, Sc when I was visiting my Mom and Dan. 

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